Vol. 36

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

The Combination of East-West Medicine


Setting a Model for Home-Based Medical Care in Miaoli Communities / Yeh Chia-Chou

【Cover Story】

Integrated Chinese & Western Medicine in a Miaoli Mountain Town
Launch of Sanyi Tzu Chi Chinese Medicine Hospital / Tseng Hsiu-Ying, Lai Ting-Han, Chuo Kuan-Ling, Chiang Po-Wei, Lu Jung-Hao, Ma Shun-Te

【Into Vegetarian Diet with Sincerity】

The Road to Humanitarian Medical Care via Vegetarian Diet
An Approach Promoted by Tzu Chi Medical Foundation CEO, Dr. Lin Chin-Lon / Ho Tzu-I

【Special Report 1】

Bringing Hope of Reconstruction to Spinal Cord Injury Patients
Tzu Chi Medical Mission Spinal Cord Injury Medical Reconstruction Center / You Shou-Hua & Tseng Ching-Fang

【Special Report 2】

The 9/18 Earthquake Emergency Rescue at Yuli Tzu Chi Hospital & Recovery Afterwards / Chang Wen-Yu & Lin Chih-Yi

【Special Report 3】

Heart Swap – The Ultimate Life-Extending Procedure
Organ Transplantation Team of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital / Liao Wei-Ching

【Affinity of Marrow Stem Cells Donation】

A Loss Allows Love to Be Expressed in Another Way / Liu Chen-Chen

【Health Supply Station】

Minimally Invasive Colectomy Surgery for chronic constipation / Tseng Hsiu-Ying

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【Cover Story】

Cherish Our Blessing, Be Grateful, and Be Happy
A Discussion on the Impact of Tzu Chi Humanitarian Activities on Nursing Care / Liu Xuan-Rong, Wang Yi-Wen

Gratitude & Contentment Brings Blessing & Bliss / Liao Yi-Ting

Nursing Care with Sympathy / By Chen Pin-Hsuan

【Volunteer Companionship】

Thank You, Palliative Care Lotus Ward Volunteers / Lien Yi-Ting

【White Coat vs. White Uniform】

Willing to Work with Nurses / Dr. Chang You-Kang

【Angel’s Diary】

30 Years in the Operating-Room with the Original Resolve / Chen Su-Hua

【Between Sick & Care】

A 60th Birthday with a Pot of Porridge / Lin Meng-Hua

【Male Nurse’s Diary】

I’m Not a Youth Without Goals / Jiang Ren-Jie