Vol. 31

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

Self-Discipline to Fight the Pandemic


Fighting the Good Fight with Love and Purpose / Chao You-Chen

【Cover Story】

Working Together Against the COVID-19 Pandemic - An Account of the Coronavirus Response at Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital Since 2020 / Liao Wei-Ching

Opening the Door on Isolation to See the Power of Love / Liao Wei-Ching

Defend the Front Line & See the Light of Hope

【Special Report】

Rigorous Infection Prevention by Tzu Chi Hospitals Block COVID-19 Infections

【Worldwide Medical Missions】

Southern California, U.S.A. - Nurses Educating Students on Pandemic Prevention on Campus

New York - Doctors Around the World Donate Equipment to Workers in the Front Lines

California & New York - Supplies Replenished, Hospitals Reopened

Georgia, U.S.A. - Donating PPE to Large Hospitals and Small Clinics Alike

California, U.S.A. - Promoting Vegetarianism while Donating PPE

Jakarta, Indonesia - Protect the Hospital, Rapid Screening for Construction Workers

Maputo, Mozambique - Promoting Hand Washing and Health Education, Training Seed Advocates for Epidemic Prevention

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【Cover Story】

Continuing the Battle Experience of the COVID-19 Pandemic / Lin Hsing-Long

Hope Is Behind the Dark Cloud - As an Infection Control Nurse during the Outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic / Tsai Shu-Jiuan

I Sweat to Fight COVID in Daliin / Chen Mei-Wen

Pressure Marks on Face Are True Imprints Fighting COVID-19 / Yang Chia-Chia

【Please Listen to Me, Dear Teacher】

Remote Learning from Hong Kong / Tso Hiu-Wing

Helping Remote Learning / Tsao Ying

【Volunteer Companionship】

I Miss the Days with Medical Volunteers in the Hospital / Yang Chuan-Yu