Vol. 20

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

An Empathetic Doctor


When Medicine Walks with Charity / Dr. Ning-Sheng Lai

【Cover Story 1】

Tzu Chi Medical Relief in Nepal - Tzu Chi Medical Team Works in Nepal after the Earthquake

Behind One Ton of Medicine / Hui-Lan Wang and Chiu-Hui Huang

Emergent Medical Actions Right After the Giant Quake / Zi-Yi He and Shun-Pin Yang

A Heart Left in Kathmandu / Dr. Chang-Hong Lin

A Blessing on the Forehead / Pei-Shan Tsai

That Pair of Rain Boots / Na-Yao Chueh

Nepal Medical Mission: The Experience of a Novice / Dr.Premganesh Ganaisan

【Worldwide Medical Missions】

Colombo, Sri Lanka Led by Local Volunteers, Contributed by Doctors from Two Countries

【Special Report】

Separating Jerrelyn and Jennelyn - Third Case of Conjoined Twins Separation at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital / Wei-Yun Peng 


《 Tzu Chi Nursing Care 》

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【Cover Story 2】

After Work– Leisure and Hobbies for Nurses / Hsiao-Ching Yang

Clay Charms Refresh My Life / Chun-Ya Lee

Learn to Cook and Love to Share / Ying-Mei Liu

A Volleyball Referee / Mei-Ling Lin

Handmade Craft to Make Life Better /Yia-Mei Chiu

【White Coat vs. White Uniform】

Nursing Professionals and Practitioners Are Best Allies / Dr. Ya-Ju Wu


Transcultural Health & Humanities: Taiwan Immersion / Beth Mastel-Smith, RN, PhD, the University of Texas at Tyler, USA

【Volunteers’ Companion】

A Kind-Hearted Tzu Chi Volunteer Father, Baking Cake with Blessing/ Hsiu-Ping Chen

【Male Nurse Diary】

Persistence Makes Perfect / Chi-Han Hsieh