Vol. 21

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

A Life Unbound with Love


Making a Difference - Patient-Centric Health Care / Chien Sou-Hsin


Science and Miracle / Chen-Fuh Lam

【Cover Story】

Straightened Out - A treatment of severe congenital knee hyperextension

Seven Rounds of Corrective Osteotomy / Chen Ing-Ho

【Timeless Moments】

The Path of Bodhisattva - In Memory of an Elderly Volunteer / Wu Chih-Hao

【Special Report】

Lighting the Lamp of Humanism in the Medical Field / Lim Chwee Lian, Bernard Ng, Li Ming Hui, Tai Kai Pik, and the Tzu Chi Singapore Documentation Team

【Worldwide Medical Missions】

Los Angeles, United States Care Harbor 4-days Free Clinic, Benefits More Than 3,000 People

Tung Chung, Hong Kong Tung Chung is an area situated on the northwestern coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong

【Diaries of Tzu Chi Hospital】

Kuanshan Helping the Disadvantaged in a Cold Winter to Welcome a New Year

Hualien Da Vinci Surgical System for Eastern Taiwan, Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery

【Turning Point】

Why I Became a Vegetarian ? / Liao Hui-Yen 

Wonderful Way to Lose Weight and Be Beautiful / Kuo Jen-Che 

Calmer Mind, Less Desire / Liao Ying-Chin 

Protect Animals by Not Eating Meat / Wu Jia-Ying

【White Coat vs. White Uniform】

ER Nurses with Energy and Passion / Dr. Yang Giou-Teng

【Between Sick & Care】

Lingzhi Mushroom Girl / Lin Shu-Hui

Learnt to Cherish from Lost / Kang Fang-Yu

The Capping Ceremony

【Angel’s Diary】

Understand Blessings After Seeing Suffering / Lu I-Yen

Love and Responsibilities / Hsu Kai-Ting

Nursing Taught Me to Be Brave and Strong / Chang Mei-Hui