Vol. 22

◎ Tzu Chi Medical Care

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

The Sunshine Smile


Treat Fire with Love / Dr. Chao You-Chen

【Cover Story】

After the Dust Settles - A Documentary on Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital after Formosa Fun Coast Dust Explosion / Hsu Li-Hui

Mission Accomplished at the Critical Moment / Wu Da-Yu

Continuity of the Supply Line / Cheng Chien-Fang

Discharged, Hao Wanted to Say

No Longer Alone When Joining Others to Help in Rehabilitation / Wu Yen-Ping

A Burn Mark That Blossoms / Chiu Hsin-Ling

The Challenge of Pain Relief for Burn Survivors / Dr. Kao Ming-Chang

The Highest Standard of Nutrition Care / Chang Ya-Lin

Dust Explosion Accident – Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital Processing Time Table

Love Represented with Clusters of Grapes / Chang Yu-Hui, Chen Wen-Shei, and Peng Wei-Jun


◎ Tzu Chi Nursing Care

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【Cover Story】

Rescue and Cure - Disaster Nursing Experiences and Expertise Cultivation / Hsu Mei-Hua

The Strength of Saving a Life / Tsai Fang-Ling

Take the Scars as a Mark to Restart a New Life / Wen Che-Ya

【Dust Explosion Burn Care】

ER Front Line for the Water Park Dust Explosion Hurt Ones / Yang Young-Ting

Breath Taking Night in ER at Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital / Fang Pei-Yu

Restless Supply Center / Lin Li-Hua

Don’t Be Afraid, You Are Not Alone / Hung Chiao-Rue

It’s My Luck to Take Care of the Needy / Hsu Shu-Chuan

My Brave New Friends / Lin Shao

Volunteers Are Everywhere for the Burn Patients and Their Families / Yu Tsui-Tsui

Being Safe Is Bliss / Lin Yu-Ching

Positivity Inspires Morale / Wu Chiu-Feng

Nursing Spirits Shine in the Care of the Burn Patients / Hsieh Mei-Lin, Peng Tai-Chu

Two Weeks of Life-Saving and Burn Care Education / Wang To-Jung