Vol. 27

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

Lifesaving in Matters of Seconds


Pray for Hualien, Stay Strong after Earthquake / Lin Shinn-Zong

【Cover Story】

Mobilization for Earthquake Relief and Rescue / You Shou-Hua, Peng Wei-Yun, Huang Szu-Chi

Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Best Support of Relief Work

Uninterrupted Dialysis Treatment in Time of Crisis / Peng Wei-Yun & Wu Yi-Fang

Door to Door Visit for Distressed Community

My Versatile & Devoted ER Nurses / Dr. Lai Pei-Fang

【Love Relay】

Straighten the Back, Pursing a Dream with Courage, Philippines Rejean - Kyphosis Correction / Liao Wei-Ching & Tzu Chi Philippines

【Special Report】

Cherishing Mexico with Medical Aid

Love is Universal! / Dr. Lee Yi-Kung

Zero Distance between Mexico and Taiwan / Dr. Juan Ying-Hsu

A Tiny Screw Extremely Touched / Chen Yi-Ling


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【Cover Story】

Courage and Mindfulness / Huang Chih-Min

Be Brave for Your Loved Ones / Yu Hsiu-Feng

Finding the Balance / Huang Wan-Di

【Please Listen to Me, Dear Head Nurse】

Patients Moved Me to Become a Better Nurse / Chang Pei-Yu

【From Head Nurse】

Accompanying Juniors to Be Prepared / Chiang Feng-Yin

【Angel’s Diary】

Figure Map Narrative Competition for Six Tzu Chi Hospitals Nurses / Chang Chu-Fen

【Volunteer Companionship】

Volunteers Are Partners in Dementia Elderly Community Outreach / Tseng Yu-Ling

【Male Nurse Diary】

The Narration of a Thai Male Nursing Student in Hualien, Taiwan / Chonlatee Takhum

【Between Sick & Care】

A 60th Birthday Surprised Present / Wang Jia-Ling

【White Coat vs. White Uniform】

Nurses and Physicians, Best Partners / Dr. Kao Sheng-Po