Vol. 23

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

Carrying Forward the Essence of Chinese Medicine


Education that integrates East and West - The Success of the School of Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine / Dr. Lin I-Hsin


Encounter with a Patient from Another Country / Dr. Wu Hung-Pin

【Cover Story 1】

Guard Intestines & Protect Stomach - Tzu Chi Chinese Medicine Team  / Dr. Wang Jen-Shu

Stomach Pain Is a Mirror of Diseases? / Dr. Ko Chien-Hsin

A Grease-Free Vacation / Dr. Chang Ching-Hsiang

The Falsehood of Stomach Ulcers? / Dr. Ko Chien-Hsin 

Preserving Stomach during Farming Seasons / Dr. Chen Yi-Wen 

Prevent Gastroesophageal Reflux by Eating Properly / Dr. Wu Pei-Ying

A Holistic Analysis of Indigestion / Dr. Yu Chih-Chin  

【Tzu Chi Worldwide Medical Missions】

International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver

【Special Report -1】

Tzu Chi Shines in Paris Climate Conference / Hsieh Ming-Fang

【Special Report -2】 

2017 TIMA Conference, Malaysia – The Name Says It All

Multimedia in Medicine, “All about Health”

Speakers’ Hightlights

Participants’ Feedbacks

Adieu to 24 Years of Crawling 


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【Cover Story 2】

Accompany Them to Let Go - End-of-Life Nursing Care Profession and Mentality Integrity  / Liu Hui-Lin & Yu Shi-Hui

My Mission to Carry Out Palliative Care / Chang Chiung-Wen

Express Love Without Regrets / Sun Yi-Jun

No More Useless Resuscitation, End-of-Life in Peace / Huang Ling-Hsuan

Fight for Any Chance to Live, Suffer No More if Life Going to End / Liao Yi-Yun

【Please Listen to Me, Dear Head Nurse】

Facing Exploding Pressure / Chou Yun-Yin

【From Head Nurse】

Turn Pressure into Strength / Lin Yi-Ching