Vol. 25

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

Devoted in Nursing, Retired But Not Tired


Create Trust-Worthy Atmosphere Between Health Professionals and Patients / Chang Shu-Chuan

【Cover Story】

Be Fearless, for the Future of Medicine — The Advanced Simulation Surgery Courses, Show Gratitude to Tzu Chi Silent Mentors / Li Chia-Yi, You Shou-Hua, Huang Szu-Chi

【Devotion to Medicine】

Virus Guru — Chen Li-Kuang, Emergency Physician and Director of Virology Laboratory, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital / Wu Yi-Fang

【Fountain of Innovation】

The Stem Cell Adjuvant MitoBurst, Hoping to Activate Cure / Huang Szu-Chi, Sun Li-Yi, Pang Cheng-Yoong, Cheng Ching-Feng

【Timeless Moments】

Focus / Liao Chia-Lin

【Affinity of Marrow Stem Cells Donation】

Mathematics Genius Is Reborn / Huang Hui-Chu

【Worldwide Medical Missions】

Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia

【Hospital Diary】

Taichung — Dajia Mazu Parade Cleanup, Over a Hundred Commit Together


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【Timeless Moments】

Improve Health Literacy, Shared Decision Making / Wang Shu-Chen

Enjoy in SDM Coaching / Lin Yi-Ching

Cloud Palliative Care Home Visits / Chiang Ching-Chun

Re-Make Health Education Materials for Better Health Literacy / Cheng Ya-Chun

Speak Patients’ Language / Wang Wan-Hsiang & Kuo Yang-Ching-Lin

【Male Nurse Diary】

I Changed My Career Path from Politics to Nursing / Lai Ding-Tsung

Good-Bye Summer / Lin Jeng-Hou

【Please Listen to Me, Dear Head Nurse】

SA I CE LEN (All-Out), Kaliting! / Lin Yu-Mei

【From Head Nurse】

Simmering to Bring out that Special Taste / Chen Hui-Lan

【From a Senior】

I’ll Slow Down for You to Catch Up / Oh Pei-Ju

【Volunteers Companion】

Tzu Chi Medical Volunteers as Helpers to New Moms / Huang Hui-Ju

Thank You All, Tzu Chi Marrow Donation Volunteers / Lee Yi-Rong