Vol. 26

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

When Love and Technology Meet


Innovation with Humanity / Kuo Hann-Chorng

2017 & 2018 Annual Meetings of Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation

【Cover Story】

3D da Vinci — Tzu Chi Hospitals da Vinci Surgery / You Shou-Hua

Happy da Vinci — Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital da Vinci Cardiothoracic Surgery / Huang Szu-Chi

Utilization of da Vinci Surgical System in Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital / Wu Yen-Ping

【Timeless Moments】

Travelling Side-by-side / Wu Shu-Chieh

【Special Report 1】

Emergency Relief for Myanmar Influenza Outbreak / Huang Hsiao-Chuan, Liao Wei-Ching, Chen I-Chien, and Tzu Chi volunteers

【Special Report 2】

Love for the People, for the Universe — 2018 TIMA Annual Convention / Hsieh Ming-Fang, Huang Zhen-Yi

【Worldwide Medical Missions】

Bangkok, Thailand — First Permanent Clinic for Refugees / Budsara Sombut

【Hospital Diary】

Hualien — Love for Republic of Sierra Leone, Charity & Medicine Cooperation

【Health Station】

Cure Autoimmune Encephalitis with Western and Chinese Medicine / Tseng Hsiu-Ying


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【Cover Story】

10-Year Long-Term Care Plan 2.0 in Tzu Chi Hospitals / Chiang Hsin-Hung & Liao Hui-Yen

Create Elder Friendly Environment both in Hospital and Communities / Liao Hui-Yen

【White Coat vs. White Uniform】

Give More Praise to Clinical Nurses / Tseng Kuo-Chih

As a Practitioner, Treat Nurses as Good Instructors / Tsai Sheng-Tzung

【Male Nurse Diary】

Getting Professional with Human Touch / Chen Guan-Lin

Swimming Toward the Nursing Ocean / Ko Chung-Yao

【Between Sick & Care】

Heartwarming Experience at Toughest Time in Life / Hsu Kai-Ting

【Please Listen to Me, Dear Head Nurse】

In-Service Education Program for a Novice Nurse / Chen Ju

With Unit Member, Heart to Heart Encounter / Hu Yu-Chuan

【Please Listen to Me, Dear Teacher】

Though with Osteocarcinoma, Transferred to the Nursing Dept. and Stick with the Goal / Weng Zhen-Guo

【Volunteer Companionship】

Tzu Chi Volunteers with Hearty Support for Medical Staff to Count On / Hsiao Chun-Hua