Vol. 24

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

Setting Sail with Strands of Love


The Guardian of Kuanshan / Dr. Poon Win-Him

【Cover Story #1】

Medical Outreach Program for Haiduan Village - A Documentary on IDS of Kuanshan Tzu Chi Hospital / Huang Chang-Bin, Chen Hui-Fang

【Mentor Guidance】

Charity with Medicine for the Hearts - Lin Chin-Lon vs. Stephen Huang

【Timeless Moments】

Sleeplessness / Lin Siao-Ru

Don’t Cry, Child / Lin Yung-Sen

【An Ode to Life】

From a Farmer’s Son to a Philanthropist Surgeon - A Lifelong Guard of Taiwan’s Rural and Remote Health Care, Lee Sen-Chia, M.D., a Surgeon at Yuli Tzu Chi Hospital and TIMA / Translated by Taichung and Taoyuan FLT Edited by Lin Hsiuhsu Excerpted by Jessica Huang

【Special Report】

Articulate Mentors - A Retrospect on The Tzu Chi Standardized Patient Program / Dr. Kao Sheng-Po

A Marriage of Doctor and Standardized Patient / by You Shou-Hua

Do Not Be Afraid of Tattoos / by Yu Sheng-Chuan


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【Cover Story #2】

Diversified Teaching Cultivates True Passion: Tzu Chi University Nursing Education - Diversified Teaching Resources / Lin Yu-Chuan

Experience the Nursing Profession in Thailand / Tsai Chuan-Hsiu

Taking Grandpa to classroom - Applying Standardized Patient Model to the Assessment of the Elderly / Hsieh Mei-Lin

Surgical Simulation and Surgical Nursing / Lee Li-Hua

Hardship Makes One Realizes and Treasures the Blessing - Student Volunteers Go Overseas for the Needy / Lin Yu-Chuan

【Please Listen to Me, Dear Head Nurse】

Learn to Let Go / Chang Yu-Fang

【From Head Nurse】

Matured Grief after a Patient Loss / Kang Fang-Yu

【Volunteers Companionship】

Inseparable Fate / Ku Chi-Chia

【Please Listen to Me, Dear Teacher】

A Life Travel Outside the Nursing Classes / Peng Wen-Yu

【From Teachers】

A Better You / Kao Hsia-Tzu

Blessing to a New Life / Hsueh Ting-Yuan

Decipher the Code of Life / Lo Shu-Fen