Vol. 33

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

Medical Care Is a Noble Endeavor


A Glimmer of Hope Lighting Up the Darkness of the Pandemic / Chien Sou-Hsin


Learn through Doing and Awaken through Learning / Dr. Chiu Sheng-Kang

【Cover Story】

At the Frontline of Saving Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients / Tseng Hsiu-Ying & Hsieh Ming-Jin

Quality Certification for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Care – A Further Upgrade of Cross-team Healthcare Services / Lu Jung-Hao

Retinal Detachment During Home Quarantine – Physician Performs Surgery to Restore Vision / Ma Shun-De

【Special Report】

Stepping Forward to Join the Battle against the Pandemic / Tsao Yun-Chi

Precise Backup – Medical Imaging During the Pandemic / Liao Wei-Ching

Finding True Value Beyond Individual Missions / Liao Wei-Ching

A New Generation Volunteering in the Dedicated COVID-19 Ward / Joni Yu

Rapid Testing, Eastern and Western Integrated Treatment, First Severe COVID-19 Patient Discharged / Chiang Chia-Yu, Huang Szu-Chi

【Great Education - the Cycle of Love】

Coexisting with the Virus, Reflecting & Giving Nurse Cindy Yeh, Australia / Chen Minru, Xu Huiwen

Just Doing What Is Needed Dr. Josefino Qua, Philippine / Li Fengyue

Promoting Vegetarian Movement to Abstain from Illnesses Sheena Chen, Physical Therapist, USA / Tsai Fenlan

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【Cover Story】

The Cognition & Experiences of Tzu Chi Nursing Professionals to COVID-19 Disease Control & Prevention in Taiwan / Liao Ru-Wen

A Big Hug to a Patient in the COVID-19 Negative Pressure Isolation Room / Chen Chen-Chen

The Support & Execution to the COVID-19 Vaccination Station in the New Taipei City Jing Si Halls / Tsai Pi-Chueh

Volunteered to Be One Nursing Member of the Quarantine Shelter / Kuo Huai-En

【Please Listen to Me, Dear Head Nurse】

My Head Nurse Guides Me like a Homey Light to a Lost Ship / Xu Jing-Wen

Winning People Hearts, Be their Strongest Support / Chuang Yi-Ling

【Angel’s Diary】

Special Rookie Nurse during COVID-19 / Hsieh Yi-Wen

【Male Nurse Diary】

My Iron Man Hero Dream Fulfilling in ER / Wu Yan-Chen

【Volunteer Companionship】

The Precious Companionship of Tzu Chi Parents / Yu Zhi-Yi