Vol. 34

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

Sincere Medical Humanistic Culture


Medical Care is a Sacred Profession / Lin Chin-Lon

【Cover Story】

Spinal Cord Stimulation as a Perfect Walking Aid
Spinal Cord Stimulation Therapy at the Department of Neurosurgery, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital / Hana You, Chen Ping-Hung

Intelligent Robots as the Backbone of Rehabilitation / Hana You

【The Pride of Taiwan Health Care】

The Medical Dedication Award Honoree
Dr. Lin Chin-Lon, CEO of Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation

【Worldwide Medical Missions】

Ontario, Canada
Acupuncture and Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Protect the Health of the Tribal Aborigines

【Affinity of Marrow Stem Cells Donation】

An Alternative Goal for Coming to Taiwan / Chen Ching-Hsiang & Liu Chen-Chen

The Young Boy Met His Life-Saving No-Blood Related Uncle / Chen Ching-Shiang & Liu Chen-Chen

【Superb Medical Care Saves Lives】

Miraculously Saving a Ruptured Heart / Tseng Tsiu-Ying

Repaired Both Legs, Regain Mobility / Xie Xinpei

【Health Station】

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair – Surgery and Strengthening Rehabilitation / Chen Ping-Hung

【Hospital Diary】

Hualien Operating Room with a Human Touch - Pediatric Surgery and Anesthesia Without Tears

Taipei Emergency CPR in Four Minutes Saving a Dying Person

Kuanshan Alleviating the Suffering Caused by Diabetic Feet – A Pair of Shoes Embodies a Doctor’s Love and Concern

Taichung Home Visit by the General Surgery Team to Show all-round Concern for the Patient

Douliu Medical Staff Bring Warmth in Winter, Rolled Up Sleeves to Build a Home for a Tzu Chi Care Recipient

Dalin Never Give Up, Even with End-Stage Lung Cancer

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【Cover Story】

Humanized Intelligent Nursing Care
Tzu Chi Nursing Digital Transformation and Application Experiences
/ Wang Shu-Chen

Development of an ACLS First-Aid Process Recording System – Saving Lives Is Priceless / Chang Hui-Ying

Cloud-based Wound Healing Network in Hualien and Taitung / Hsu Mei-Yu

Tutoring Nursing via VR / Chiang Ju-Ping & Chou Ying-Fang

【Volunteers Companionship】

The Taste of Bliss from Volunteers in the COVID-19 Pandemic / Lee Huei-Mei

【Between Sick & Care】

A Diploma for Overcoming Sputum Suctioning / Wang Chia-Ling

The Smile Is a Natural Antidote / Luo Yin-Zhu

【Angel’s Diary】

Do not Fear the Bully – Be Confident and Expressive / He Sin-Yun

【White Coat vs. White Uniform】

Nurses, You Are the Best! / Dr. Yeh Kuang-Ting