Vol. 35

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

Returning to the Buddha Homeland


TIMA Promotes Vegetarianism as the Most Potent Epidemic Prevention and Health Protection Measure / Lin Chin-Lon

【Cover Story】

Mending Shattered Youth - Plastic Surgery Team of Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital / Chiang Pei-Ju

【Special Report】

Rehabilitation After Brain Damage Makes It Possible / Chen Hui-Fang

Standing Together Fighting COVID-19 Storm for Children / Liao Wei-Ching

【Worldwide Medical Missions】

Province of West Papua, Indonesia - Medical Relief from 3,000 Km Away, Boy Says Good-Bye to a Neck Tumor

Malacca State, Malaysia - Refugee Children Back to School - Oral Health Care with Love

Southern Nepal - Love in the Buddha Land – a Kidney Dialysis Center in Operation

Mafraq, Jordan - Medical Clinic in the Desert - Deep inside the Refugee Camp

【Affinity of Marrow Stem Cells Donation】

Saving Lives First; Wedding Ceremony Second / Tsao Yun-Chi

【Superb Medical Care Saves Lives】

New Heart , New Life / Tsao Yun-Chi

Dual Kidney Transplantation Surgery with Double Difficulty / Chung Huai-Hsuan

【Health Station】

Stomach Cancer Grandma Recovery After Laparoscopic Surgery / Tseng Hsiu-Ying

【Hospital Diary】

Taichung Behind the English Thank-You Note

Hualien Graduating Midwives from Eswatini Improving Quality of International Maternal and Infant Care

Yuli Matsuura Outreach Acupuncture Health Education Plus Referral

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【Cover Story】

Heart-Soothing Vegetarian Flavors - About the Cognition and Experiences of Vegetarian Diet of Nurses in Tzu Chi Hospitals / Lin Shih-Chun

【Special Report】

Apps as Valuable Healthcare Helpers - Experiences in the Application of Mobile Health Management Apps by Tzu Chi Nurses / Chao Shu-Mei, Pan Chao-Kuei

【Character Profile】

A Naughty Kid Turned Into a Strong Back-Up - Chung May-Jing, Deputy Head Nurse of 11A Ward, Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital / Lin Shih-Chun

【Volunteers Companionship】

The Joy Radiates from Within / Zen Wei-Chuan

【White Coat vs. White Uniform】

Mutually Supportive Partners Dressed in White / Dr. Liao Chia-Lin


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