Vol. 32

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【Dharma Master’s Blessings】

Prevention of Epidemics through Vegetarian Diets, Repentance, Prayers, and the Divine Power of Love


Vegetarianism Prevents Diseases / Lin Shinn-Zong


Cure the Physical Heart and the Spiritual Self / Chang Heng-Chia

【Cover Story】

Vegan Vogue Keeps Epidemics at Bay / Liao Wei-Ching

Eat Vegetarian to Achieve Epidemic Prevention / Mun Kun-Hong

Surgeon Strongly Recommends Vegetarianism to Cut off the Nutrient Supply for Cancer Cells / Tseng Hsiu-Ying

Protect Your Health by Embracing Vegetarianism / Hsieh Ming-Feng

A Diet Reinforced with Phytochemicals Stops the Deterioration of Severe Renal Disease / Ma Shun-De

【Affinity of Marrow Stem Cells Donation】

Seeing Light through the Dust, Love Turns Life around / Liu Chen-Chen

【In Memoriam】

A Humble but Great Medical Scholar
Tseng Wen-Pin, Honorary Superintendent of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital
/ Hana You & Chiang Chia-Yu

【Hospital Diary】

Taipei: A Stroke Lady Regained Body Movement Function with Acupuncture

Douliou: Persistent Coughing Caused by Sympathetic Type of Cervical Spondylosis

Hualien: Taiwan Palliative Care Conference Improving the Quality of End-of-life Care

Taichung: Gastric Contraction Surgery by Weight Reduction Team Save Life and Regain Health

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【Cover Story】

Cultivating Resilience
A Discussion About Burn-Out Syndrome & Resilience of Tzu Chi Hospitals Nurses / Wang Shu-Chen

“Patient Empowerment” Raises the Confidence Level / Cheng Ya-Chun

Four Recruitment Strategies - with Kindness and Compassion / Wang Wan-Hsiang

Enhancing Nursing Quality Secures Patient Safety / Tai Chia-Hui

【Love between Sick & Carel】

Miss My Petit Prince / Li Yi-Shiuan

Raise My Right Hand to Voluntarily Care for the COVID-19 Elderly / Lu Tzu-Ying

【Please Listen to Me, Dear Head Nurse】

Learn from My Mistake / Wu Zi-Qi

Bravery with Wisdom / Yu Chia-Lun


Tzu Chi Medical & Nursing Care Vol. 36