Written by Feng-Bao Tsai Translated by Eva Liu
Proofread by Anita Lee

"Coming to Hualien, not only was I taken aback by this experience, it completely exceeded my expectations and I was moved beyond words." A visit to the Jing Si Abode on October 5. Director of the Neurology Department at Shanghai General Hospital, San-Hu Zhao said he was deeply moved by Master Cheng Yen’s compassion and the Great Love of TIMA doctors. Photographed by Guo-Liang Ye

“Coming to Hualien, not only was I taken aback by this experience, it completely exceeded my expectations and I was moved beyond words. I am a very rational person and seldom cried. Before coming here, I was already told I may end up in tears, which is what really happened to me, as a matter of fact, I actually cried my eyes out.” A tall and burly man, Zhao Sanhu currently serves as Director of the Neurology Department at Shanghai General Hospital and is in Taiwan for the first time to attend the annual TIMA Convention.

Zhao’s affinity with Tzu Chi was formed on May 14 this year — the day of Tzu Chi’s Buddha Day ceremony — during which he purchased two books from Jing Si Books and Cafe: “Jing Si Aphorisms” and “Medical Doctor”. After reading the two books, he learned about how Master Cheng Yen’s came to establish the Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Association and was deeply moved by her unwavering faith to build a hospital against all odds. After gaining some understanding of Master Cheng Yen’s teachings as well as the ideologies and values of Tzu Chi doctors, Zhao began rigorously participating in the Master’s morning sermons and training.

Initially, Zhao was scheduled to attend a conference in Europe during this time, and when he learned that the annual TIMA Convention is set to take place in October, he still had not decided whether to attend or not. But one morning during the lunar month of June, while Zhao attending a morning prayer meeting, a thought flashed across his mind: “I need to know more about Tzu Chi, and TIMA", so he decided to cancel his trip to Europe, and chose to come to Taiwan instead.

For Dr. Zhao, this trip reaped great rewards. He said: “I study brain health. It turns out a member from Taiwan also has extensive experience in brain health and shared his experience with me. I think it's great.” Dr. Zhao said modestly that he is here with an amateur mindset and he hopes to listen more and talk less so to learn more. After attending the Master’s morning dharma talking, Dr. Zhao feels that Buddhist teachings have gradually found its way into his heart, and also hopes to put these teachings into practice.

Not only are TIMA doctors skilled and professional physicians, they also care for patients’ physical and spiritual well-being. They also humble themselves whilst bringing joy to others. As much as this was a rewarding experience for all, for TIMA doctors, the pursuit of professionalism and humanitarianism is endless. Doctor Zhao said that although this was only a brief visit, once he returns home, he will plan his next visit in to order to learn more.

"Great vows beget strength. I’ve learned all that I needed to learn here." Director Zhao found this trip to be a rewarding experience. Photographed by Feng-Bao Tsai