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An objective structured teaching exercise for faculty training and assessment of teaching ability in interprofessional collaborative practice and education

Hsiu‑Chen Yeha,b, Sin‑Yi Huangc, Tsung‑Ying Chenb,d, Ming‑Chen Hsiehb,d*

aDepartment of Nursing, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Hualien, Taiwan, bDepartment of Medical Education, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Hualien, Taiwan, cDepartment of Pharmacy, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Hualien, Taiwan, dSchool of Medicine, College of Medicine, Tzu Chi University, Hualien, Taiwan

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Open Access funded by Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation




Objective: Improving clinical teachers’ ability to teach interprofessional collaborative practice warrants development in current faculty training programs; in particular, current education training emphasizes experiential learning and multiple teaching strategies. The purpose of this study was to establish a teaching model to apply interdisciplinary collaborative care and to improve clinical teachers’ execution of interprofessional practices. Materials and Methods: Health‑care faculty members were studied; this study assessed a
teacher education curriculum for interprofessional education (IPE) and applied an objective structured teaching exercise (OSTE) to evaluate IPE execution by clinical teachers. Results: The OSTE improved clinical teachers’ IPE execution, verifying the necessity
for multistrategy teaching in faculty training programs. Conclusions: This study provides different types of interprofessional faculty training and assessments. Development of an OSTE requires long‑term planning, and IPE should also be incorporated into formal
Keywords: Faculty training, Interprofessional collaborative practice, Interprofessional education, Objective structured teaching exercise


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