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The association of hyperthyroidism and immune thrombocytopenia: Are we still missing something?

Kalyan Mansukhbhai Shekhda*

Wales), Carmarthen, Wales, UKDepartment of Medicine, Glangwili General hospital (NHS Wales), Carmarthen, Wales, UK

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Though the American society of hematology Guidelines and British guidelines do not recommend screening of thyroid diseases in cases of immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), more than 160 cases of hyperthyroidism associated with ITP have been reported. Numerous case reports would suggest that patients with ITP and concurrent hyperthyroidism would respond to control of thyroid disease rather than the standard ITP treatment. Although this issue is still debatable, we report a case of a young female with a previous diagnosis of hyperthyroidism which was not well controlled, had presented with severe thrombocytopenia. Initially, all work‑up had been done to find out the cause of thrombocytopenia. After all normal reports except deranged thyroid function tests, the patient was labeled as ITP and started on steroids. Even after a few months of steroid treatment, platelet counts had not improved. However, after starting antithyroid drugs, platelet counts had become normalized.
Keywords: Antithyroid drugs, Autoimmune disease, Platelet counts, Steroids


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