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Intraocular Ciliary Nerve Schwannoma—Emphasis on Freoperative Diagnosis

Tsung-Hsien Wu a, Tsung-Lang Chiu a, b, Ya-Jung Wang c, Jon-Son Kuo b

aDepartment of Tieurosurgery, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, tiualien, Taiwan
bInstitute of Medical Sciences, Tzu Chi University, tiualien, Taiwan
cDepartment of nursing, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Hualien, Taiwan

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Intraocular ciliary schwannoma is extremely rare and accurate diagnosis prior to surgery is difficult. In this article, we demonstrate a precise pre-operative diagnosis of ciliary nerve schwannoma by meticulous neurological evaluation, combined with high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging with three-dimensional reconstruction of the lesion and adjacent structures. The tumor was identified to be arising from the ciliary nerve during operation and was fully excised. After 9 months of observation, the function of the third nerve recovered except for the ciliary branch. In conclusion, through high-resolution imaging and scrupulous cranial nerve examination, an accurate preoperative diagnosis of intraocular ciliary nerve schwannoma was achieved. This enabled the design of an appropriate surgical procedure and prediction of the surgical outcome.


Ciliary nerve; Intraorbital tumor; Oculomotor nerve; Freoperative diagnosis; Schwannoma


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