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Coronary artery fistula: A rare congenital disorder detected by multidetector computed tomography

Hua-Ming Chenga, Kuo-Hsien Chiangb, Pau-Yang Changb, Hsin-Wen Huangb, Andy Shau-Bin Choub, Pau-Sheng Yenb

a Department of Radiology, Chi Mei Medical Center, Tainan, Taiwan
b Department of Medical Imaging, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital and Tzu Chi University, Hualien, Taiwan

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Conventional angiography is generally considered the standard procedure for diagnosis of coronary artery disease. With improvements in multidetector computed tomography (CT), CT coronary angiography (CTCA) is a new and rapidly emerging noninvasive imaging technique for coronary imaging. We report the three rarest types of congenital coronary artery fistulae detected by CTCA. CTCA is a practical tool for diagnosis of coronary artery anomalies and reveals the origin, course, termination, and connections of the fistula.

Computed tomography; Coronary artery; Fistula


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