Written by: Ding Se Qin
Translated by: Jeff Lu
Proofread by: Mindy Chen

What can eco-technology bring to people besides eco-blankets? How was eco-technology infused with compassion? Furthermore, how was a mobile kitchen invented?

On the afternoon of September 15, Brother Liu Zong-Yan, the leader of the Environmental Protection Promotion Group, Tzu Chi Religion Dept., shared the story by playing two videos of disasters.

The video brought us back to the moment when the tall building collapsed and became v-shaped. The area was filled with rescuers and panic victims. The horrified scenes after disasters look the same no matter where the disasters happen! “This is the picture showing 911 attack in America; this one shows the big earthquake in Tainan,” narrated Mr. Liu viewing the video.

In these two scenes, the same lunch boxes were prepared by Tzu Chi volunteers whose figures in blue t-shirts and white pants became the power of tranquility. However, in Tainan, the earthquake took place in Lunar New Year Eve, a chilly night. Tzu Chi volunteers eagerly prepared hot meals for the suffering during night.

Tzu Chi volunteers also prepared multifunctional Fu-Hui (bliss-wisdom) beds and chairs for the victims’ family members and rescuers. The rescuers working different shifts needed to take rest so that they can get their strength back. The Fu-Hui beds are multifunctional and can well fit for various areas like tents, auditoriums, refugee centers. The rescuers won’t sit or lie down on the wet and cold ground anymore.

Eco-technology takes not only victims— children and the vulnerable ones—but also the heroic rescuers into consideration.

Mobile Kitchen: Eco-technology Infused with Compassion

What else can eco-technology contribute in disasters? Volunteer Cai Jian-Yin invented a mobile kitchen, a squared iron box consisting of four folded legs and four feather-like covers. The iron box can be moved into the disaster area and transformed into a kitchen equipped with solar power, gas, natural fuel and rocket stoves. In the kitchen, solar-powered lighting lights up the dark disaster area; hot water and hot meals can be prepared with gas; rocket stoves function as heaters to provide heat.

The mobile kitchen is another eco-creature invented after the eco-blankets. Up to now, more than eight hundred thousand eco-blankets have been distributed to more than thirty two countries during disasters. All these eco-products originated from Venerable Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s compassion and wisdom; the recycling program promoted twenty six years ago has transformed many recyclable materials into eco-products which bring great love to the suffering.