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Incidence of Alloantibodies in Transfused Patients in Eastern Taiwan

Rong-Hwa Jan a, b, Li-Chih Yu c, Shu-Hui Wen d, Shii-Shou Tsai c, Teng-Yi Lin c

aInstitute of Medical Science, Tzu Chi University, Hualien, Taiwan
bDepartment of Pediatrics, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Hualien, Taiwan
cDepartment of Laboratory Medicine, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Hualien, Taiwan
dInstitute of Public Health, College of Medicine, Tzu Chi University, Hualien, Taiwan

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The study was conducted to determine the prevalence of red blood cell alloantibodies for transfused patients in the East Taiwanese population.
Materials and Methods
We analyzed the clinical and transfusion records of 15,794 individuals who received transfusions in Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital from 2004 to 2006. Blood samples were subjected to standard blood bank procedures for screening for antibodies.
Of the 15,794 transfused patients, 538 patients (3.39%) were found to have alloantibodies. Among these 538 patients, 333 patients were found to carry alloantibodies at the initial transfusion (2.0%) and 205 (1.3%) patients developed alloantibodies during the transfusion period.
Our data demonstrate that anti-Mia was the most frequently detected alloantibody in the Eastern Taiwanese population, with an incidence (1.5%) that was higher than reported in other Taiwanese populations.


Alloantibodies; Anti-Mia; Transfusion


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