Written by: Huang Xiang-Hui
Photographed by: Chan Jing-De and Sun Bao-Yuan
Translated by: Ruby Huang
Proofread by: Jerome Wu, Agness Tsao

The seminar held in the morning on September 15th was the sharing of the experience from doctors coming from the different countries.

TIMA in Singapore was found in September 1999. On September 25th we recruited ten medical staffs working together with TIMA Indonesia for a free clinic. 5,000 patients were treated in this clinic. In 2010, TIMA Singapore members walked into local communities to conduct the health examination. In 2014, TIMA Singapore members went to Sri Lanka and gave free clinics over there.

Singapore is a grand field of blessing. Master Cheng Yen encouraged us that we should never give up TIMA mission. This mission will be carried over from generation to generation via the motivation of love. In 2016, there are several new members joined us to carry out this mission. Deng Guo-Rong will escort them during their growth. In 2005 a clinic center was established. In 2008 a new center was set up by adding more activities and functions. Finally Tzu Chi Free Health Screening and Medical Center was founded in 2011. There is a will, there is the strength. Once commitment is made, we should perform accordingly because we are the group of self refinement. A lot of activities were conducted in the center such as group study, training class for English and medical care. Moreover TIMA members also went to Sri Lanka to conduct the activities like free clinic, sign language, and the group study of Tzu-Chi’s spirit.

Master Cheng Yen told us that the people with blessing should help the people under suffering. At the recycling center the medical care class and the free dentist clinic were held. TIMA members also went to the community to inspire the people to join us via knowing what Tzu-Chi is doings such as visiting of the neighbors who need the care, service to the old age people who lives alone, clinic to the senior center. All the medical staffs sincerely treat all the patients with respect. 

The life is full of impermanence. Likewise; the time is ticking. The union of people is not counted; the tightness of hearts is a true union. To achieve a remarkable mission we must gather the people from all over the world because union is power.  

The members of TIMA Malaysian are Chen Cheng-Heng, Chen Ji-Ming, Lin Lei-Jun and Li Ling-Hong 

TIMA Malaysia has three main goals. The first is to help the people in real need. The second is to unify itself via learning. The third is to grow via recruiting more medical members. TIMA Malaysia persists in the philosophy - great love without boundary. We cooperated with a medical school for a three- month camp at a subject medical recycling. The purposes in this camp were to cultivate the medical school students’ compassion with patients, to motivate them at participating in free clinic, and to learn the spirit of the humanity as well. Moreover via doing the recycling, they also learned the relationship of human being with the environment.

Via this medical platform it can communicate the spirit of Tzu Chi, enhance the medical care service, and inspire more medical people’s participation. As to the recruiting of TIMA member, Malaysian TIMA held a course called “Awareness of Medical Service in Hospital”. The course was specially developed for the medical students before beginning of their career. This course will teach them how to be a good doctor and learn the philosophy that medical care is not only how to cure the patients but also caring their minds. Via the companion of volunteer, these students could learn more humanity of Tzu Chi. With more people’s participation, the spirit of Tzu-Chi will become the main stream at medical care.

The medical activities of TIMA Malaysia need to meet patients’ needs, make up the shortage of government’s medical care infrastructure, and encourage more medical societies’ participation. Moreover, it also promotes the concept of the localization of the medical care inside the community and the advantages of vegetarianism. It also set up the program for “health guarding, health enhancing, and healthy meal managing.” The other activities were held such as TIMA member’s tea ceremony and three trips to Taiwan for health examination and spirit refreshing. There will be no Tzu-Chi without volunteers’ participation. A movie was demonstrated to tell two stories. One is the story about a patient with cancer in Indonesia. This patient was specially taken care by a TIMA member when he came back home after the cancer treatment. The other is the story about Dr. Lee Ling Hong. Dr. Lee was inspired by Master Cheng Yen’s saying “If it is right thing, just do it.” Following this saying, besides taking good care of the patients, Dr. Lee devoted himself at different activities to help others. Moreover; he was also motivated to go back home and has a family reunion especially with his old mother.

TIMA members Chen Cheng-Heng, Chen Ji-Ming, Lin Lei-Jun and Li Ling-Hong shared the activities of TIMA in Malaysia.